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Diamond segments
Diamond segments

Diamond segments for drill bits

Various Shapes and specifications available to meet a wide variety of applications, the combination of vacuum sintering process and sandwich technology provide excellent performance for stone construction materials etc.
80%-90% German quality
Fast cutting and drilling speed
Long life, stable performance
Low power consumption
Our diamond segments for single blades, multi-blades, frame saw, core drills, special shape cutters etc.
We guarantee good quality control:
1.     we text hardness of the segment to ensure its quality;
2.     we check the flatness degree to see if it is up to standard;
3.     we do some cutting experiments to check the cutting function.
Professional OEM, superior grade quality, more than 10years manufacturing experience
Drilling segments are made of Cobalt-based formula, and superior grade diamond to match, the quality is at least twice better than normally used Iron base formula by other most producers.
Diamond segments for diamond core drill bits and diamond saw blade, be used to drill or cut reinforced concrete, refractory material, marble, brick wall, sandstone, granite, limestone, ceramics, asphalt etc, all kinds of segment types and dimensions can be produced in our factory according to special requirements.
CE: ISO: 9001: 2000
Packing: neutral polybag packing
Delivery time: 3-5days