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Q series Wire line Core Barrel Assembly: BQ, NQ, HQ, PQ

Locking Couplings, Spearhead Point, Compression Spring, Detent Plunger, Spirol Pin, Spearhead Base, Latch Retracting Case, Spring Clamp, Upper Latch Body, Latch Spring, Latch, Adapter Couplings , Landing rings, Lower Latch Body, Spindle, Outer Tubes, Inner Tubes, stabilizers, Core Lifter (cases), Stop rings, Core springs and other drilling tools: Complete Inner tube head, Overshot assembly, Alloy wrench, Diamond Wrench, Drill rod etc
Wire-line drilling tools can lift drill core from drill rods without picking up bit. Their advantages are higher penetration, higher core recovery ratio, longer bit life and lower labour intensity, the advantages get more clear with the increasing of hole depth.