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diamond bits(BQ, NQ, HQ, TNW, AXT)
diamond bits(BQ, NQ, HQ, TNW, AXT)

Impregnated diamond bits

Applications: Impregnated diamond core bits widely used for mineral exploration, geological exploration, water and electricity, traffic construction, building, soil investigation, hydro-geological exploration etc.
Supreme quality diamond and advanced German technology
More consistent & faster rates of penetration
Stable performance and longer lifespan
Synthetic diamonds distributed evenly throughout the crown; new diamonds are exposed with wearing, the main crown technical parameters of impregnated diamond core bits include diamond grade, size, concentration, and quality, matrix hardness and crown shapes.
Impregnated Diamond Core Bits are manufactured with very small, high quality synthetic diamonds, mixed evenly through a metal alloy matrix. The matrix erodes away at the same rate as the diamonds become worn and rounded. Thus new sharp diamonds are exposed to continue cutting through the rock. In most geological formations, impregnated bits are more economical to use than other bits.
The users can make rational selections according to the formation to be drilled to get good penetration rates and avoid excessive bit wear.
Rock Formation: F1, F2, F3, F4, F5, F6, F7, F8, F9, F10, F11, F12
Rock types: Soft, Medium, Hard, Very Hard, Ultra Hard, Abrasive formation etc;
Sizes: various kinds of diamond core bits in different international standard (different diameters, different face designs, different matrix height etc ) for soft, medium to hard rock formations.
Professional OEM, superior grade quality, more than 10years manufacturing experience
CE: ISO: 9001: 2000
Packing: neutral packing
Delivery time: 2-3weeks