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hot-pressure sintering matrix bits
hot-pressure sintering matrix bits

PDC Core Bit & PDC Non-Coring Bit

Leading manufacturer of series PDC drill bits like: PDC non-coring bit, PDC core bit, PDC coal bit, PDC concave 3 or 4 wing bit, PDC arc pillar bit, PDC taper scraper bit, PDC rock bit etc.
PDC(polycrystalline diamond compact) drill bit is a new product after the hot-pressed and electroplated drill bits in recent years, with special high-frequency welding technology, .PDC of high wear resistant is welded to the body as cutting edges, PDC bit is mainly used for geological prospecting, coal exploration, water conservancy and power engineering etc.
Superior characteristics:
1)Powdered metal matrix for longer service life.
2) Advanced geometric design for faster penetration.
3) Added cutters for maximum performance.
4) TSP gauge protection.
5) Large junk slots for better hole cleaning.
Specifications for PDC wire-line core bit: 56/39, 60/45, 75/49, 75/54.5, 75/60, 77/55, 94/62, 94/69, 113/93, 133/113, 153/133, 152/110, 190/110, 190/152 etc
PDC core drill bits (be made of PDC, natural or synthetic diamond) being used in the fields of geological exploration and engineering-oriented to afford reliable data. there is a variety of face profile, different diamond set types enabling a cost effective solution to be taken for most conditions
PDC drill bits normally suitable for medium soft formation, like sandstone, limestone, conglomerate etc, they can be used widely for drilling in the stratum with hardness coefficient f<9,  the grinding/consumption ratio of  PDC is 20-40 times higher than that of alloy bit and 10 times higher than that of diamond bit,
PDC bit classification:
1.     steel matrix bits: fast speed, mainly used in soft rocks
2.     hot-pressure sintering matrix bits: good gauge protection, wear-resisting matrix, used in medium-hard rocks
3.     non-pressure sintering matrix bits: good gauge protection, better wear-resisting matrix, used in strong abrasive, hard rocks
We can manufacture different specifications and thread types according to customer's special requirement,
Professional OEM, ISO 9001 certified, and more than 20years manufacturing experience
Packing: 1pc/box, 5-10pcs/carton
Delivery time: 2-3weeks