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Applications: Diamond reaming shell widely used for mineral exploration, geological exploration, water and electricity, soil investigation, hydro-geological exploration etc.
Reaming shells are designed to be placed behind the core bit to ensure hole diameter is maintained and to assist core barrel stabilization. This ensures that when a new core bit is inserted into a continuing bore hole there is a good chance of reaching bottom of bore hole without reaming.
The Reaming shells help protect the diameter of the holes and guide the drilling holes to avoid the holes becoming smaller and holes inclination becoming bigger while the matrix of bits wear down so as to steadily drill .
The reaming shells diameter is normally 0.3-0.5mm bigger than the drill bits and the reaming shells diameter can be 0.5-0.7mm bigger when drilling soft formations. But the reaming shells diameter should be less than 0.3mm for hard formations and diamond reaming shells are the best choice.

Reaming shells are produced with diamond panel pads using specially chosen diamonds, although reaming shells generally last 3 - 4 times longer than core bits they should be retired as soon as they wear under gauge otherwise it could result in an undersize bore hole diameter which can mean reaming later.
Reaming shell is set with natural or synthetic diamond, and it is used to couple the drill bit with the core barrel. Its main function is to ream the hole to the correct constant specific diameter which ensures adequate clearance for the core barrel and sufficient clearance for the new bit which replaces an old one. It also acts as a stabilizer for drill bit.
Normally we make four different types of reaming shells for different rock formations :
普通聚晶扩孔器 Polycrystalline Reaming Shell
金刚石扩孔器   Diamond Reaming Shell
金刚石聚晶扩孔器 Diamond Polycrystalline Reaming Shell
焊接扩孔器 Welded Reaming Shell
Professional OEM, superior grade quality, more than 10years manufacturing experience
CE: ISO: 9001: 2000
Packing: 1pc/inner box, 5-10pcs/outer carton
Delivery time: 2-3weeks